Marko Bojkovic Returns With ‘My Strength Returning’

Florida metal guitarist Marko Bojkovic is back with his latest single, ‘My Strength Returning’. “When Covid hit back in 2020, I stopped going to the gym,” explains Marko. “This lead to me losing a significant amount of strength. I returned to working out in January 2021, but I couldn’t lift as heavy as I did before Covid. I don’t like to give up, so I kept training and training for several months, and eventually, I was able to lift heavier than I ever did before Covid! I almost ran out of ideas to write one more song for this album, but this story immediately came to mind, and to emphasize my strength/power coming back, I added power metal elements to it! This song also has my absolute favorite guitar solo that I ever wrote in it, and I would love to make a tutorial on how to play it, especially given how it’s very intricate!” Marko has vowed to create a playthrough tutorial video on YouTube when the song reaches 100 plays on Spotify.

The single is the second release for the rollout of Marko’s latest album Venom, due out on July 29th. Marko’s music is a mixture of progressive metal, death metal, power metal, and thrash metal, with a hint of influence from anime and video game OSTs. Outside of his personal music, Marko plays guitar in Spiritual Chaos.

“I’d like to give a huge thank you to my friends Brandon Delpino of Kiss of Betrayal and the Mourning for writing lyrics, Chris Savipoulos of DeathtrucK for his killer vocal work, and my bandmate/brother in shred from Spiritual Chaos, Anthony DiFiglio, for his sick solo at the end of his song and telling me about Chris,” says Marko. “Please check these guys and their bands out! One more thing, my album Venom will be launching next week, so I believe that releasing this song will surely add to the hype!”

Marko’s music is perfect for fans of Trivium, Meshuggah, Allegeaon, Obscura, Dream Theater, Firewind, Sabaton, Powerwolf, Iron Maiden, Kiko Loureiro/Angra, and Leprous. The single is currently playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to it now on Spotify, or on YouTube below.

Connect with Marko:
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