BETTER PLANS Debuts With Punk Anthem “Flashpass (To Six Flags, High)”

Vital Stats:

Artist: Better Plans   
Flashpass (To six flags, high)       
Poppunk, Punkrock, Alternative rock     
Suggested For Fans Of: Blink 182, Green Day, Good Charlotte

Boston punk band Better Plans has released its debut single, the skate punk anthem “Flashpass (To Six Flags, High)”. The track is a throwback pop punk song perfect for fans of Blink -182, Green Day, and Good Charlotte. 

Better Plans recorded the single in Kennedy studios, where they have a rehearsal space. “We were actually really surprised how well the recording process went, recorded everything for the song in about 5 hours, drums, guitar, vocals, bass,” says the band. “I feel the experience of recording for the first time really brought us together more as a band and listening to our mix when it was all done was incredible!”

The song was a labor of love for the band, that really took its time to form. “It’s funny cause this song literally started out as just a jam with no structure but we just kept playing it every week and the more we played it the more we realized we should make this a song,” explains the band. “I feel your best writing material comes from just jamming with your band, this song is definitely special to us not only because it’s the first song we ever laid down but because we wrote in such a fun memorable way. It just felt so natural with this one and we had a lot of fun writing it together!”

“Flashpass (To Six Flags, High)” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now!

Artist Bio: We are a pop punk band called Better Plans out of Boston, Massachusetts, formed by drummer Robert Leveille Jr and vocalist/guitarist Ryan Farrell. We started out as a jam 2 piece project but we ventured out to find our bassist Elchin Suleymanov, who is part of the band now. We all have a love for pop punk culture and the sound of the music itself. It’s a fun genre to be part of. Happy to say we have been going strong now for over a year with our first single fully recorded and more to come as far as music goes.

Connect With Better Plans:
Spotify / Facebook / TikTok


Press Contact:
Lance Waste for Heart Riot



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