Metalcore Group I, OF THE STORM Releases Cyberpunk Influenced Single “CATACLYSM”

Vital Stats:
Release: Cataclysm     
Release Date: 01/27/23
Metalcore / Cybercore     
Suggested For Fans Of: Erra, Spiritbox, Bad Omens
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(For Release 1.27.23)
Los Angeles, CA – Metalcore act  I, OF THE STORM has released its newest single, the tastefully blended, cyberpunk-influenced track “Cataclysm”. Musically the song is a fantastic blend of ambient tones and heavy-hitting metalcore sensibilities, sure to find appeal across multiple genres.

Lyrically, the song is inspired by real-life situations of overwhelming emotions. Of the track, vocalist Damian Snapp says, “I wrote the lyrics for Cataclysm about the severe abandonment issues and overwhelming emotions that often come from the fallout of toxic and abusive relationships by comparing them to a cataclysmic ending of the world. The lyrics are inspired by real-life situations that other members in the band have gone through in their life and I felt like I could also relate those to my own experiences.”

“Cataclysm” sees Damian Snapp (vocals),  joined by Brandon Beaulieu (Guitar Vocals) and Shota Nishimura of Design The Skyline (Guitar), as well as Connor Mitchener of I Set My Friends On Fire (Bass), and Mario Sanchez (Drums) come together as the heavy genre-bending force of  I, OF THE STORM . Along with the single, the 5-piece is excited to unveil its new music video for “Cataclysm” captured by Zack Perez from Astral Media. “We wanted to create an introductory video for our project that really captured the energy of our music and live performance,” said guitarist and vocalist Brandon Beaulieu. “Zack Perez did an amazing job at capturing that! It was a really fun shoot filled with sick hangs and a lot of Whiteclaws and Mike’s Harder Lemonades! Shout out to our friend Andrew Kappas at Monarch Studios for letting us make a mess, and shoutout to our friends in ScytheGang666 for stopping by and hanging out on set!”

 “Cataclysm” is now available across all major streaming platforms. You can listen to it on Spotify, or watch the video on YouTube below. 

Formed in the winter of 2022, I, OF THE STORM is a 5-piece Metalcore/Cybercore band from Los Angeles, California. Comprised of vocalist Damian Snapp, guitarist Brandon Beaulieu, guitarist Shota Nishimura, bassist Connor Mitchener, and drummer Mario Sanchez, I, OF THE STORM sets out to tastefully blend elements from various genres such as rock, hip-hop, metal, and EDM.

I, OF THE STORM will be announcing upcoming shows following the release of “Cataclysm” throughout 2023.

Damian Snapp: Vocals
Brandon Beaulieu: Guitar / Vocals
Shota Nishimura: Guitar
Connor Mitchener: Bass
Mario Sanchez: Drums


Press Contact: Lance Waste for Get Hyped PR


FOR FANS OF: Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God

Photo by: Christopher Trosclair

Listen to “Witch” HERE

Watch “Witch” HERE

January 13, 2023 (Cleveland, OH) — Louisiana-based, metalcore unit Endure The Affliction has their latest single “Witch.” The feverish track is highlighted by the group’s intricate guitar work and double entendre lyrics depicting a modern-day witch hunt, but ultimately, symbolizing a tumultuous relationship.

“The song is written about having dealings with a witch and getting screwed over, ultimately ending in the classic ‘burning of the witch’ cliche. However, this is all actually metaphor for the double standards of modern romantic relationships, the inherent ungratefulness that persists within them, and the desire to get out of such a situation.”

After releasing their debut track “Soul Eater” in 2019, Endure The Affliction hit the ground running and gained notoriety in their local music community with their heavy-laden instrumentals and deeply relatable lyrics. While the pandemic hit the group hard, halting productions and live shows, the band persisted with their fiery and powerful releases. “Witch” marks the group’s first track release since 2021.


Embodying the hallmarks of melodic metal while embracing their Louisiana roots, Endure The Affliction delivers what can only be described as total Southern darkness as they bridge the divide between modern metalcore and classic power metal.

Forming in late 2018 in Lafayette, Louisiana, the group exploded onto their local scene with the powerful, yet subtly emotional riffs and soaring vocals that define their sound. Overcoming hardship being their music’s driving message, listeners find themselves relating to these musicians on a range of sensitive, but very real topics that many people struggle with daily. Their debut single, “Soul Eater” hit the world in July 2019, quickly shooting to the top of the Launch Pad’s Top 20 Countdown, and ultimately placing at No. 14 in 2019. The track also hit No. 1 on Sweet Sunday Sound’s Top 25 and remained there for multiple weeks. The attention generated by the debut track landed the newcomers a heap of out-of-town shows, as well as a spot on the Back to School Shred Fest. 

After ripping through gigs, the band decided to hit the studio to work on their first EP. This resulted in the release of the Origins EP in February 2020. Origins set the foundation for their current style, defining who they were as people and what they stood for. The diversity in their music was on full display. Unfortunately, this release fell just before COVID-19 restrictions began to take effect. However, after an entire year without playing a single gig and the loss of a founding member, they hit the ground running. Picking up a slew of gigs on their way to the release of the Evolve EP in October 2021, featuring the much beloved single “Identity.” The group’s style shift took many by pleasant surprise, utilizing more of the heavier elements of their sound for that extra emotional punch.







Alternative Rock act Grimm Winter explores a transformative world with new single “The Narrows”

FFO: Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Sunny Day Real EstateToday, Alternative Rock act “Grimm Winter” is set to drop their latest single “The Narrows” off their upcoming EP, Sojourn, out February 17, 2023.

“’The Narrows’ is an exploration of anxiety and its interplay between the mind, the body, and world we live in. How feelings of anxiety or panic attacks trigger an instinctive response in your body, flooding it with chemicals and survival mechanisms as it tries to survive against an unseen, looming danger. In this song, the world transforms into a place called ‘The Narrows’, a place of looming trees and treacherous cliff sides, where the only way out is through.” – Grimm Winter

Founded in DC, Grimm Winter is a symphonic blend of indie, alt-rock, and emo music. With a strong emphasis on storytelling & modern day mythologies, evocative metaphor & melodies, the 5 piece band weaves together stories and songs that blur the line between literal and fantastical. 

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm, a pair of German academics famous for compiling and publishing folktales, Grimm Winter started as a way of exploring and expressing art through myths. Grimm Winter can be a season, a space, an idea, or anything that explores humanity and what ideas resonate with us across time. 

The band consists of Clay Underwood on vocals,  Kevin Rogers on drums, Caeden Cloud on bass, Andrew Wink on guitar, and Casey Paul on guitar/vocals.

Stream “The Narrows” here


TELLING SECRETS Releases Epic Modern Rock single “Fragile”

Telling Secrets mastermind Vik Kovacs is a true global musician. Kovacs is the product of Eastern European blood and a British upbringing. Hailing from Manchester, England, but living in Lod Angeles, Kovacs has been releasing his brand of Emo-tinged modern rock bangers under the name Telling Secrets for the past two years.

 In 2021, Kovacs teamed with Rain City Drive vocalist, Matt McAndrew, who guided him to kickstart the project. Zack Baker, of Rain City Drive, performed on and mixed the tracks “Secret Lies”, “Casting Stones” and “The Fall” which comprise a visual trilogy. 

Telling Secrets is now back with its latest single, “Fragile”, an injection of high-octane, radio-ready rock, with a memorable hook and soaring vocals. Including some memorable harmony lines. “I remember reading the backing vocals and harmonies in the studio in Los Angeles with Rachel and I asked my friend Matt McAndrew to come down and give some ideas for harmonies,” Says Kovacs. “Before he showed up Rachel and I BURNED through the track. It was a super productive evening. Matt turned up and we were laughing and joking the entire time. When Matt was leaving the joke was “Hey guys if you are ever having a nice, smooth, productive session call Matt to make sure it gets slowed down!”. However, we recorded a really awesome vocal part that was inspired by NSYNC that you can hear just before the first chorus, so it was all worth finishing the session at 4am… again.”

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Kovacs has been recording deep into the early morning hours at Canton House Studios owned by 15-time Grammy Award winning producer Jaycen Joshua with engineer Rachel Blum. In the summer of 2022 Telling Secrets released singles “Bad Dreams” and “Lullaby”, with the final release being “Fragile”.

Thus far, the band has achieved over 100,000 streams across all platforms and plans for a great series of releases for 2023, along with some exciting new people added to the project. Kovacs is also planning to take the band to the United Kingdom and Europe to debut on the other side of the pond in 2023 and is currently working on a full-length album. “Fragile” was produced by Kovacs, engineered by Rachel Blum (assistant engineer to 15-time grammy winning producer Jaycen Joshua), mixed and mastered by Zack Baker (Rain City Drive),  with vocal arrangement and assistance from Matt McAndrew (Rain City Drive).

You can listen to the song on Spotify or YouTube now!

Connect With Telling Secrets:       
Linktree / Spotify / Facebook

FAIRSHAKE Releases Aggressive Alternative Track “FACE” 

“Today I am so grateful to be alive,” says vocalist Shayne Goss, of the Atlanta alt-rock duo Fairshake. “I’m so grateful for my catalyst showing me how to be there for myself when my world turned upside down, when I felt abandoned, lied to, and suffered this immense loss of identity.” Faishake has released their newest track, the captivating single “Face”. The song is a straight-ahead alt-rock banger, featuring Goss’ world-weary vocals and an anthemic chorus perfect for modern rock radio.

Thematically, “Face” goes deeper than “ Let that sh*t go”. The song was written in victim consciousness, in the realization that often the parties involved also feel like victims. About the song, the band says  “Have you ever heard the saying “Hurt People, Hurt People”? We all have an ego/identity in our mind/body/spirit complex which is a Face of a character we are so convinced that we are because we have been collecting experiences, trauma, likes, dislikes, and judgments on everything that we hear, feel, see. It all gets stored in our subconscious from the time of birth. Then we walk around with beliefs based on our experiences which is a program of this character you think you are. Why are we giving away our power to others’ projections, our own limiting beliefs, and being propelled into each moment based on stored trauma & fear? This only keeps you trapped in your hellish illusion. “

The band also touched on the dual meaning of the word “Face” as used in the song. “It’s the irony of the masks or different characters we wear, that can be changed through our own conscious or subconscious will. “Face” also represents the strength it takes to go inward and slay one’s own dragon, going from victim to hero consciousness because our fear is only our own illusion and our own responsibility. No one can save you from your own dragon.” 

“Face” is a single from Fairshake’s upcoming record, High Risk, and was recorded at Space Jockey Sound by Jeremy Nichols, Charlie Pinkard (writer/guitars for @wearedim) & Ben Cato (percussion for DIM, former The Dangerous Summer). The single artwork was designed by Elijah Richards, graphic designer & bassist of DIM (@elijah_richards)  “Face” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or on YouTube below.

About the band: Fairshake; In this moment you are judgment free, and stand in your purest form and Truth. A realization that we are here to heal from experiences and surrender into your highest form. You create your life from here on.

This never-ending journey with Shayne Goss since 2008 has been accompanied by many talented artists who have shared this vibration over the years. Fairshake has experienced genre changes as the project has evolved, especially after inducting Tucker Harding and Chase Sammons in the fall of 2017. 

The project coming from emotionally charged singer-songwriter roots with pop melodies has grown very naturally into the alternative rock, punk, and dare we say “emo” music that we all grew up on and love. 

Photo: @ktclairephotography

Fasirshake Is:

Tucker Harding (guitar, vocals)
Shayne Goss (guitar Vocals) 

Connect With Fairshake:
Instagram /Facebook / Spotify

Hollywood Nightmare reaches out to the broken with aggressive new video for “The Rayne”

FFO: Escape the Fate, Asking Alexandria, Bad OmensToday post hardcore outfit “Hollywood Nightmare” release the music video for their latest single, The Rayne – a true story that reaches out to those suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, and physical diseases such as alopecia.

“This song is written and dedicated to Madison Rayne. To all of the people who suffer from alopecia and suicidal acts and/or thoughts, we HN stand with you and hope we can be of some assistance to you during difficult times.“

As you’d expect, Hollywood Nightmare is from the heart of Hollywood, California. Ever since their debut in 2018, the band has gained momentum and established a reputation for themselves as the metalcore troubles. They have appeared on radio stations, magazines, and shared stages with big industry names like: Escape The Fate, Attila, Luke Holland/Jason Richardson, and also headlining the 2021 Metal In The Mountains festival. HN is comprised of: Kyle Davies (Vocals) Luke Nightmare (Drums) Scott Mik (Guitar) Dex Van Rooyen (Bass).

“We are currently working on something that’s very different than what we’ve put out to the world so far, be sure to follow us on social medias to check out the exciting insights.” 

Catch Hollywood Nightmare live on January 22, 2023 at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles. 

Watch the brand-new music video on YouTube.

Listen to “The Rayne” on Spotify.



The New Age pushes melodic and emotional boundries with “Name Your Price”

FFO: The Plot In You, Tame Impala, Dance Gavin DanceOn November 25th alternative rock outfit “The New Age” released their latest single “Name Your Price,” an experience wrapped in pain, passion, love, and raw emotion.
Crafting a sound that inspires introspection, vigor, hope, and an adrenaline rush that overwhelmingly settles in while also creating The New Age’s powerful atmosphere is something that can only be experienced. A sound that strengthens one’s connection through their elegantly complex guitar work and impressively eclectic vocal style, is something that this heavy rock band from Columbus, Ohio does best.
“The inspiration for the song is about having a toxic relationship either with a person or vice and the willingness to cherish it no matter how far down it might lead you into a deeper and deeper depression; in other words longing for that someone or something and it not necessarily being good for you and the denial/tunnel vision that can come from all of that. The song started from an instrumental idea that I (Trevor) had written over the span of a couple of days. I showed the song to Justin and he hopped in our modest recording booth and improvised the opening title lyrics “Just Name Your Price.” That whole first sequence was actually his first take and we ended up shaping the rest of the song around it. We wanted the video to have somewhat of an Adventure Time/innocent looking vibe to contrast with the darker underlying meaning.”
Combining this expression with polished and intricate form, The New Age throws everything on the table and tackles the many difficult situations that we’re are thrown into in this life.

Watch the brand-new music video on YouTube.

Listen to “Name Your Price” on Spotify.


Royalty Kult release new single and video “Separation” starring Pro Wrestling Hall Of Famer, Gail Kim

FFO: Starset, Korn, Linkin Park

On December 6th, electronic influenced alternative metal band “Royalty Kult” released their latest single “Separation,” produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Ra, Starset, Nothing More). The video (viewable here) was directed by Ron Thunderwood (Opiate For The Masses, 9Electric), and features former WWE Women’s Champion and TNA Hall Of Famer, Gail Kim

Royalty Kult is an Alternative Metal band from Los Angeles, CA. They launched to the world in 2020 with the help of Pavement Records. In December of that year, they released their debut album ‘Enjoying The End’ in which features Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves and God Forbid on the title track.

Since then they have been featured in the book Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide written by Matt Karpe and performed their debut show to a sold-out crowd opening direct support for Soulfly.

In 2022, they began writing and recording new material with Sahaj Ticotin (Ra, Starset, Nothing More) and Chris Collier (KoRn). After sharing the stage with Gemini Syndrome in April to an overwhelming reception, they have headlined The Whisky twice since then.


Stream “Separation” HERE.

Watch “Separation” HERE.

SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE Drops “WE TAKE FORM” From Upcoming Live Vinyl

San Diego punk band SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE has released a live version of the song “We Take Form”. The single is taken from the upcoming Limited Edition Vinyl Release DCxPC Live Vol. 9 Some Kind of Nightmare Live at Lou’s, released on DCxPC Live Records. The album is limited to 150 copies and is for sale on the DCxPC Live site. The live version of the song captures the raw energy of the band, who are true touring machines.

About the song, the band says “The song embodies the struggle of healing from body dysmorphia and the pain after dealing with breast cancer and the scars inside and out from a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. It’s about trying to learn to accept, embrace, and to be empowered by the scars and continuing to thrive.”

DCxPC Live Vol. 9 Some Kind of Nightmare Live at Lou’s was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joshua Dobbs at Danger Room Recording Studio.

Some Kind of Nightmare has brought amazing energy, raw sound, and a strong stage presence with them everywhere they perform. In 2013 they quit their jobs, threw out everything they owned, hit the road, and never looked back. The three-piece group continues to take on the nation with its message of overcoming struggle and modern social issues while gaining support and momentum along the way.

The band is playing an album release show on 12/16 at Lou’s in Orlando. It’s a benefit show for Lou’s because he’s being sued by a new neighbor for noise despite being a venue for over 20 years. Also on the bill are Sticky Steve, Effit, Caustic Bats, Control This!, Call in Dead, and The Petty Thefts!

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Milwaukee – Midwest punk outfit BAD YEAR has just released its latest album FADED MEMORIES on Ohio’s Punkerton Records. The album featured the singles “Charcoal Black” and Oh, Virginia”, and represents experiences of heartbreak, hopelessness, panic, and sorrow, while still offering a glimpse of hope.

About the record, the band says “Faded Memories has been a labor of brotherly love, and the thing we’re most proud of contributing to in our musical career. These songs are all like children to us and are endless fun to perform night after night. It’s amazing to get them out into the world.”

The first single, “Charcoal Black”, kicks off the album with an emotionally heavy, straight ahead anthemic rock track that announces Bad Year as a band on a mission. “The song symbolizes those sleepless nights where you can’t breathe and you feel that all hope is lost; that you will never recover,” explains the band.  “When we feel that all we have to look forward to is more of the same miserable existence. Our emotional decay, our spiritual demise, and the crushing awareness that nothing would ever change were constants in our bereavement. Our hold on life was weak at best, we had little hope and no concept of the life we were missing out on.”

FADED MEMORIES was co-produced by Nick Rad (Coheed & Cambria, Anberlin) with Bad Year, and mixed by Nick Rad and Steven Servi. The album is currently playing across all major streaming platforms. Bad Year has also released a visualizer to accompany “Charcoal Black”, which you can watch on YouTube now.

Rooted in Midwest punk rock, Bad Year formed in 2019 and calls Milwaukee home. Inspired by heartbreak, angst, and self-reformation, Bad Year injects the scene with anthemic chorus hooks and brutal optimism. In the spirit of promoting positive aspects of empathy and mental health, their cathartic melodies are known for freely inspiring listeners with a sense of mutual understanding and hope. The group put a fresh, more decorated feel on musical incarnations and lived experiences of the past.

Bad Year’s groundbreaking debut EP “Handshakes” received immediate acclaim from listeners and an unmediated Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Award nomination while the title track’s music video gained over 100k views within its first month. The trio refrained from allowing a pandemic to slow their upbeat tempo with their one-off single “Blackout”. Keeping the momentum and expanding boundaries of incendiary music composition, “Blackout” was Bad Year’s first production with highly sought-after producer, Nick Rad. Ending 2020 on a high note, “A Moment In Time” EP, was released and creates acoustic landscapes of sound that evoke feelings, energies, and memories.

Bad Year Is:
Mike Esser
Joey Jonas
Jake Wachal

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Lasciaté Reforms, Releases Video For New Single “IED”

Hershey, Pa – Alt-Metal band Lasciaté has released the video for their newest single, “IED”, their first release since reforming earlier this year. The modern rock radio-ready single combines crunching riffs and slick production with alternating soaring melodic and guttural scream vocals.

About the song, the band says “We wrote this song during the presidential election of 2020, and found that both candidates sucked, news and media outlets suck, and we are all under the thumb of the U.S. government at the mercy of the 1% who controls all of our elections and government policies. Everything that they tell you is a lie. There is no such thing as a lesser of two evils, and through seeing through the bullshit and agreeing to disagree we can turn the tides.”

Directed by Jbaw Productions, and recorded by Jeff McKinnon and Evan Seeberger, the video shows that Lasciaté is here to stay with its original cast; back heavier and better than ever.“IED” will be available across all major streaming platforms on 12/24. Watch the video on YouTube below.

Lasciaté is a melodic metalcore band based out of Hershey, PA formed in the spring of 2016 by Tanis Pellegrini (Vocals), Aaron Perry (Lead Guitar), Robert Greenberg (Bass), and Mark Caruso (Drums) later joined by Sam Hart (Rhythm Guitar). Lasciaté is known for their breakdowns as much as for their catchy choruses and technical guitar work. Lasciaté is an underground metal success story built upon their insatiable work ethic and unique stylings. They have shared the stage with national and international acts August Burns Red, Ice Nine Kills, Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, Upon A Burning Body, and I set my friends on fire. Releasing an ep in 2017 and following up with a few singles a year since that, Lasciaté has plans to hit the studio and record another EP in the near future with longtime producer/collaborators Jeff McKinnon and Evan Seeberger.

Lasciaté Is:
Tanis Pellegrini – Vocals, Guitars
Aaron Perry – Lead Guitar
Robert Greenberg – Bass
Mark Caruso – Drums
Sam Hart – Rhythm Guitar

Connect With Lasciaté :       

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Lance Waste for Heart Riot PR & Media

Alt-Indie Act Messmaker Releases Anthemic New Single

Cleveland, OH – Alternative Indie Rock duo MESSMAKER has released its newest single, the slickly produced, anthemic modern rock track “Paying Attention”. Lyrically, the song is a call to arms of sorts, all about not shutting yourself off from societal issues, but facing them head-on.

Of the track, MESSMAKER says “ ‘Are you happy with the way things are? Or are you paying attention?’ That’s the question we’re asking with this song. Today, more than any other point in history, the injustices and inequities baked into the human experience are on display. Yet so many people – and we certainly don’t exclude ourselves from this criticism – find it easier to close our doors and try to shut it all out. But things don’t get better if you ignore them.

It wasn’t the original intent when writing it, but we realized that this song is kind of directed to that cartoon dog sitting in the middle of the flames saying “this is fine”. We’d love to hear that pup’s thoughts on “Paying Attention”!

“Paying Attention” sees MESSMAKER’s Michael McFarland (lead vocals and guitar), and Freja McNeal (drums, samples, and vocals), joined by Eric Bertagnolli of Eric Bert Audio (Percussion, Co-Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer) and Steven Charles (Co-Writer). The duo is planning a musicvideo for the song out soon.“Paying Attention” is now available across all major streaming platforms. MESSMAKER has also released a lyric visualizer to go along with the single, which you can watch below.

Aggressively catchy melodies pair with soul-filled lyrics in MESSMAKER’s refreshing take on indie rock. Lighting up stages as a power duo, musical architect Michael McFarland and versatile percussionist Freja McNeal bring the energy of an arena show to every performance. Garnering comparisons to acts such as Panic At the Disco and Bastille, McFarland’s songwriting is frank, expressive, and clever, and joined by McNeal the Cleveland, Ohio-based act elevates the material on stage with a seemingly inexhaustible energy. Showing a maturity of style and sound that has developed through years of travel, relationships, heartbreaks, and reinventions, MESSMAKER’s music contains talent, passion, and lyrics that come from the heart. The result? A big, bright, and lovestruck slice of anthemic indie rock.

Michael’s amiable yet commanding presence on stage arose from years of experience paired with diligent study. He began performing with bands at age 14, accumulating ample experience under stage lights while still a teenager. Later, while pursuing his degree in Visual Communication at Kent State University, McFarland spent countless hours studying performance footage from any source he could find, from classic rock acts to modern pop stars. When it comes to songwriting, McFarland shows the same attention to his craft, which in 2022 earned him the Nashville Songwriters Association’s recognition as “One to Watch”. “I listen to a lot of music I don’t necessarily like,” says McFarland, “because I want to understand why the songs connect with their audience.”

A lifetime of attentiveness and continued learning has taught McFarland how to use MESSMAKER’s lyrics to tug at your emotions and leave you feeling like you’ve found a kindred spirit. When joined by Freja on drums, samples, and backing vocals, those songs expand effortlessly to fill concert halls. Whether you see MESSMAKER perform in a basement or a stadium, you can expect the lights, sounds, and raw energy of a world-class rock show.

MESSMAKER will be celebrating the release of “Paying Attention” on December 16 at the Five O’Clock Lounge in Lakewood, Ohio, alongside a stellar lineup including Darling Waste, Anthony Covatta, The Muckrakers, Lives Lost, and Black Moon Cult.

Michael McFarland: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Producer
Freja McNeal: Drums, Samples, Backing Vocals


Press Contact: Lance Waste for Heart Riot PR & Media

Affiant Records Signs Worldwide Distribution Deal with FUGA

Dallas, Texas, December 12, 2022: Texas-based independent record label Affiant Records has just announced signing a global distribution deal with FUGA, the leading technology, and services company for rightsholders. FUGA is the distributor to other major independent labels such as Epitaph Records and Better Noise Music. Affiant Records will greatly broaden its worldwide footprint in the music industry stemming from this alliance with FUGA.

Affiant Records, an independent label focused on artist development, was founded by entertainment attorney William J. Metzger, whose experience representing clients in the music industry has led him to find a passion for releasing music and media that is powerful and purposeful. Releasing rock and all subgenres of rock, the label is continually growing its roster with new signings and releases planned for 2023.

When asked about the new partnership, William J. Metzger said, “We are excited to be partnering with FUGA. FUGA’s stellar reputation with DSPs and hands-on worldwide marketing team will bring our current and future artists’ careers to new heights. Their team has been warm, welcoming, and exceptional. We are looking forward to a bright future with FUGA.”

About Affiant Records, LLC

Affiant Records provides powerful and purposeful entertainment through music, film, and
media to our audience around the globe to emotionally affect and bring about a positive
change to the world through our entertainment.

Affiant Records operates global marketing and distribution for talented and accomplished artists, bands, and musicians while also providing guidance, mentorship, and artist development, through their team’s musical and music industry expertise.

For more information, please visit

About FUGA

FUGA is the largest full-service B2B music distributor in the world. Mixing deep marketing prowess with continual investment in leading technologies, FUGA’s clients – from Armada, Better Noise, and Curb to Mom + Pop, Epitaph, and Ninja Tune – get equal access to its all-encompassing services.

FUGA is one of the very few distributors to sit on the highest preferred partner tiers for Spotify, Apple, and all other major DSPs. After its acquisition by Downtown Music Holdings in 2020, FUGA has joined Downtown Neighbouring Rights, Downtown Music Publishing, and Downtown Music Services in the newly established Downtown Music division led by President, Pieter van Rijn.

FUGA’s global marketing team operates across 17 countries and its partners deliver over a quarter of the world’s new releases. Together with marketing and distribution, FUGA’s holistic product and services suite – including analytics, royalty accounting, neighboring rights, rights management, and white label services – empower over 800 music rights holders globally.  

For more information, please visit


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South Carolina Rapper GIANT FETUS Drops “Say What?”

Vital Stats:

Artist: Giant Fetus    
Release: “Say What?”     
Release Date: 11.2.22    
Genre: Hip-hop    

Suggested For Fans Of: Tyler, the Creator, Denzel Curry, Eminem

Conway, SC hip-hop artist Giant Fetus has just dropped his latest single “Say What?“. The witty, lyrical track will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Tyler, the Creator, Denzel Curry, and Eminem.

Of the song, Giant Fetus says “Say What? is kind of a testament to who I am as an artist and who I am as a person. It has many different parts and feelings that all rush at you in a manic frenzy. It’s easy to get caught up in what we can guess is cool next, what we know is no longer important, and what other people think of what we do. This one is more of a reminder to really just be yourself and do what makes you feel good because nothing really matters!”

The beat was created and produced by Occult JAM and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dee Cee at Arcadia Studios. “Say What?” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Giant Fetus is somewhere between an academic philosopher and a sketchy vagrant, and sometimes both. Growing up split between privileged suburbia and ragged trailer parks due to joint custody, he has always felt kind of in the middle of everything. From playing in rock bands, living in a shed, to eventually publishing poetry with his University it is easy to find inspiration from all around. Giant Fetus is basically what happens when Sisyphus decides to keep pushing the boulder, but this time with some Beats by Dre!

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Electro Punk UNIITY Releases Abrasive, Empowering New Single

Vital Stats:

Artist: UNIITY   
One-Step (Closer To The Edge)    
Release Date:
Punk/ Electro Punk / Nu Punk      
Suggested For Fans Of: Deli Girls, N8NOFACE, Crystal Castles

Heart Riot client, Electro punk musician UNIITY has released their newest single, the edgy, hip, and aggressive “One-Step (Closer To The Edge)”. Lyrically, UNIITY uses her experiences as an LGBTQ+, POC woman to craft an anthem of empowerment for those who have experienced abuse and racism in their daily lives.

“One-Step (Closer to the Edge) is a glimpse of my unapologetic and raw anger towards the complexities of being a black woman in the music industry and hints at the abuse I and many single mothers in my community encountered,” explains Raven Clark, the brainchild behind UNIITY. “The constant belittling remarks, racism, over-sexualization at a young age, and the lack of credit is just the surface of the things I, and many other musicians of color, constantly battle. It’s the final answer to the question of ‘What happens when your cup has spilled over?’ “

“One-Step (Closer to the Edge)” is the first step of an album rollout cycle for UNIITY‘s upcoming debut album, HER TEETH, released May 12, 2023. It was produced by Phyuture Phyx (Joshua Hall), sickboy (Shay Magleby), Raven Clark (Unity) and features band member William Blake. Along with the single, there is a planned music video released in December, filmed by Trigger Happy Production.

“One-Step (Closer to the Edge)” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch on YouTube below.

UNIITY is the new, genre-warping, Avant-punk brainchild of Raven Clark, a Philadelphia-raised artist currently based in Cleveland, OH. Her mission and legacy is the unification of the emerging scene of independent, LGBTQ+, POC women in punk. Raw, gritty, and experimental- UNIITY pushes the boundaries of what is considered punk music, pulling as much influence from hip-hop and techno as from black metal or hardcore. Distorted electronic beats and massive ambient guitars support gut-punching vocals that can range from hissing to singing to unclean screams that seem impossible for her small stature. 

UNIITY’s EP titled, HIIVES is a collection of 10 works chosen from a much larger unreleased discography for their themes of personal sacrifice, death, hopelessness and the ever present struggle that accompanies being a woman of color living in poverty. HIIVES was released in March of 2022 following the conclusion of her first tour at the age of eighteen. UNIITY‘s debut album titled, HER TEETH showcases the new works of UNIITY under a mature and polished spectacle. Taking influence from artist such as Zheani, Boy Harsher, and N8NOFACE, “HER TEETH” is a more evolved sound from her first EP. 

In just under two years, nineteen-year-old UNIITY has gone from attending basement shows on the streets of West Philadelphia to building bridges and a strong community for young punks of color in multiple cities such as Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Baltimore. Garnering most of her attention from having shared the stage with the likes of White Ring, Sect Unit, Kris Baha, Mvtant, Trace Amount, and many more.

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Living Room Romantics Releases Debut Single “On Fire”

Vermont acoustic artist Living Room Romantics has released his debut single, “On Fire”. The track is perfect for fans of Brian Fallon, Dashboard Confessional, and Frank Tuner. Living Room Romantics is the solo project of guitarist/singer Hunter Phelps, formally of The Silent Mile, an Emo Pop Punk band from Vermont that was listed as Alt Press’s top rising band in their state.

Of the single Phelps says “It was self recorded in two session’s over the course of the spring and summer of 2022. The song is about reminiscing about love at a younger point in your life and longing for a simpler time.”

“On Fire” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Hunter Phelps is a sing-songwriter from Vermont. He has toured nationally, received national airplay, and has been featured as a rising artist in Alt Press magazine.  His debut solo album is coming soon.

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THE REGION Drops Heavy Banger “Under The Rug”

Vital Stats:

Artist: The Region   
“Under The Rug” (Single)     
Release Date:
Suggested For Fans Of: A Day to Remember, Knocked Loose, Wage War

(For Release On Or After 11.04.22)

Hard-hitting pop punk/emo trio The Region has released their newest single, “Under The Rug”. The track is the first song to feature bassist Phil Cyprian on vocals and kicks off with an oversaturated guitar riff before kicking into a full frontal onslaught of Metalcore riffage and Cyprian’s guttural vocals, all before giving way to a soaring melodic hook.

“Under The Rug” follows the release of previous singles “I Was Wrong” and “Peace Of Mind”. Musically, the track is the heaviest song The Region has released to date.  “We all have a soft spot for heavy music, so this one was a blast to make,” says the band. “We can’t wait to see the reaction to it in a live setting!”

“Under The Rug” was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jake Cyprian with artwork by Delta Options. The band has also released an eye-catching visualizer to accompany the single. “Under The Rug” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the visualizer on YouTube below.

The Region is a hard-hitting pop punk/emo trio from the outskirts of Chicago. Their music is dynamic and heartfelt, blending heavy and melodic elements with nostalgic overtones. Some of their most notable accomplishments include being recognized by Alternative Press as Indiana’s rising pop punk band, performing in front of sold-out crowds in the Chicagoland area, their music being featured on ‘The Scene’ & ‘All New Punk’ Spotify editorial playlists, and their songs being aired on Chicago’s 101 WKQX radio station. They have also collaborated with artists such as Free Throw and Violeteyez.

Having shared the stage with acts such as Knuckle Puck, Seaway, Homesafe, Handguns, Hundredth & more, The Region leaves a memorable impact with their passionate and energetic live performance.

The Region Is:

Phil Cyprian – Vocals/Bass
Jake Cyprian – Vocals/Guitar
Jon De St. Jean – Drums

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FLUFFIO Teams Up With VILIVANT To Cover Rocky Horror’s “Time Warp”

Toronto Punk artist Fluffio has released a cover of Rocky Horror Picture Show’s seminal classic “Time Warp”, just in time for Halloween! Fluffio has teamed up with female powerhouse Vilivant for a punked-up spin on the iconic dance number, which features all of the iconic sing-along-worthy melodicism from the original while adding an all new hard hitting, more explosive take on the track.

The original song was used as a reference throughout the creation process to ensure justice was done, but there were no limits to creativity when creating the new track. Fluffio & Vilivant’s “Time Warp” is largely dynamic with ska-esc sections culminating to a sonic explosion that feels more like a metal track. Production was done 100% DIY from start to finish in Fluffio’s recording studio recruiting talented musician friends from the Toronto Music Scene to play each instrument and sing backup vocals. The song features guests Tyler Twigger on Drums and Jesse Grant (of In a Bag) on Bass. With additional harmonies from Elena Levy and Nick Mokrezewski (of Whisper Gang).

“Time Warp” is a fantastic alternative pop-punk take on a true classic, perfect for fans of Green Day, Blink-182, Yungblud, Dirty Nil and MGK. It is currently playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to the track on Spotify now, or on YouTube below:

About the artists:

Hailing from Toronto, Fluffio has managed to develop a platform for himself just as diverse as the city he’s come from. Forging his own form of punk; loud guitars, catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and thought-provoking poetic lyricism all combine to deliver a mature sound with a juvenile undertone- perhaps only to be described as nursery rhymes on drugs.

Fluffio’s music unites perfectly with his never-ending energy and bold fashion to constantly plant lasting experiences in every audience member’s mind.

VILIVANT (Julia Gentile) is a Canadian hard rocker that quickly made it in the music scene at a very young age. Drawing heavily from influences such as Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, and Three Days Grace, she created her first self-titled EP.

With continuous success on radio, her two singles reached #89 and #98 on the top 100 Canadian rock radio charts; thus garnering a fanbase across the country and internationally. Though LIVE shows were at a standstill during the pandemic, she continued to play at virtual festivals. During this time she was selected as a Top 5 Regional Finalist for Jim Beam’s National Talent Search and won the Toronto Region with her LIVE off-the-floor performance video of her song ‘Stabilized.’ VILIVANT was also given the opportunity to open for Canadian award-winning rocker Lee Aaron at the sold-out El Mocambo. After receiving the Juried Sound Recording grant from FACTOR Canada,

Connect with Fluffio:

Facebook / Instagram

Connect with Vilivant:
Facebook / Instagram

FIRE BY NIGHT Dive Into Spooky Season With “GHOST”

Vital Stats:

Artist: Fire By Night    
Release Date:
Modern Rock, Alt Rock     
Suggested For Fans Of: CrazyEightyEight, Paramore, Biffy Clyro

Phoenix Arizona Alt Rock band Fire By Nigh thas released their newest single, “Ghost”, just in time for Halloween Weekend. The track is a hard modern rock song that showcases the powerful vocals of Kai Vander Maten. 

The song is the band’s follow up to the single “Menagerie”, which released in Spring of 2022. The band is releasing an acoustic version of the song and video to go along with the release.

“Ghost” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Fire By Night is a modern rock band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The project was initially created by long-time friends Chris Cleland (guitar and vocals) and Kailee Vander Maten (lead vocals) in the summer of 2018. The duo’s powerful storytelling is accentuated by mournful, tearing vocals and heavy-hitting guitar riffs. They were recently joined by the young powerhouse drummer, Faith Powell, and together, they seek to help others feel heard, recognized and understood. Their style is influenced by the likes of Crazy Eighty Eight, Lower than Atlantis, and Biffy Clyro.

Fire By Night Is:

Chris Cleland – Guitar, Vocals
Kai Vander Matan – Vocals
Faith Powell – Drums

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Alt-Emo Artist EMBERS Drops New EP “EMO SZN”

Vital Stats:

Artist: Embers    
Release Date:
Emo, Alternative, Emo Rap     
Suggested For Fans Of: Nothing Nowhere, Machine Gun Kelly, JXDN

Alternative Emo artist Embers has released his new EP, EMO SZN. The EP was written over the course of COVID, as Embers found himself dealing with the same mental health issues many of us had during lockdown. “I recorded EMO SZN over the course of a few months in my home studio when COVID had hit its peak,” explains Embers. “Having no work as the music industry was collapsing, I found myself dealing with a spiral in my mental health. I used these songs as a way to cope when I was struggling and I feel it’s a solid look into where my mindset was at the time. I hope people who have had the same struggles can relate to this album and find peace in my words and comfort in the empathy my music portrays.”

The EP was proceeded by lead single “Last Call”, a song about using vices to cope with grief. “After going through a rough breakup, sometimes numbing the pain is the best way to re-cleanse yourself. This was the first song I tracked as Embers and it came to me quickly. I recorded it in my home studio over COVID dwelling on loneliness and using this EP as an outlet. It all started here.”

Along with the EP drop, Embers is releasing the single “Wake Up”. Of the track he says, “This song is a look into my nightmares. It touches on all the pain and cycles of trauma that can revolve in your mind that make it hard to sleep some nights. It’s for anyone who has struggled with physical abuse, emotional abuse, anxiety, and mental health which is a reflection of some things I’ve personally encountered in my life.”

EMO SZN was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Eric Mitchell, produced, engineered and written by Jason Wildes, with additional production from Chris Freeman (Bay Harbor) and Sean Tolley (Clarity Recordings). It is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now.

Embers. The remnants of the fire that continue to burn. That refuse to die. That prevail, and glow, long after the flames subside. It’s also an apt moniker for the groundbreaking artist behind the forthcoming album: EMO SZN. Plenty of trends arrive hotter than hell and quickly turn to ash. But on Embers’ debut EMO SZN, the artist mines, illuminates, and transfigures only those elements of the last quarter century of pop music that have endured and maintained heat, rekindling them into a wide-ranging, genre-melding inferno that is at-once powerful, beautiful, vulnerable, courageous, and raw. 

Embers is a new vessel. Yet, in a very real sense, EMO SZN is the consequence of a long, winding path of artistic evisceration and self-discovery: a death-defying career spent immersed in the trenches of the visual and performing arts. Perhaps this is why Embers is able to so deftly intertwine contrasts—beauty and darkness, aggression and melody, grit and real pathos, the organic and the synthesized—across his unique, affecting, sprawling soundscapes. 

At a given moment Embers might conjure Nothing Nowhere, Machine Gun Kelly, JXDN, and Linkin Park and more—but it is always in atmospheric shades and doses, never imitation. Embers is not for the glitter underground. Lyrically, Embers surrenders cathartic anthems for the broken-yet-not-beaten; songs for the lost survivors; pulse-pounding tales from a minefield of emotion, zeroing in on your heart and hitting their target over and over and over again. 

EMO SZN is a depth-charge for the wise, the wicked, and the weary. And Embers is here to burn.

Embers is represented by Cassidy Frank of Big Night Talent. He is celebrating the release of EMO SZN on Halloween Night with Lil Lotus at The Middle East in Boston.

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Xeila Releases Dark Alt Pop Banger “Colors”

Vital Stats:

Artist: Xeila    
 “Colors” (single)    
Release Date:
Alt-pop, Alt-rock     
Suggested For Fans Of: PVRIS, Stand Atlantic, Sleeping With Sirens

Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist Xeila has released their newest single, “Colors”. The uptempo alternative pop track features slick production and songwriting, all showcasing pop singer-songwriter Ross Rocco’s, who performs under the moniker Xeila, crystal clear and emotive vocals.

About the song, Xeila had this to say: “This song talks about how I’ve been struggling to let go of the past, as of the last couple years, life just got tough and it was, and still is, easy to fall into the trap of just living in the past and constantly feeling sad about it. I use a lot of imagery of ghosts and hauntings on the song, to symbolize how the more you reminisce the more it starts to haunt you at times. Once you start living in different memories it’s almost like you get stuck in another world in your own mind, and you’re not sure at some point if you’re going to return to the present or continue to stay where you’re at.”

The song was a true labor of love for Xeila. “Even though I’ve had this song written for two years, I decided at the last minute to scratch half of it and just completely re-write some of the vocals, and re-produce the instrumental. I wasn’t terribly sure I was going to get this done in a way that I thought it would be good or I would happy with, but I surprised myself as I’ve never set a hard deadline to complete something in a short amount of time before like this.”

Xeila wrote, sang, produced, and mixed this single. Guitars and bass were performed by Ben McSherry and re-amped by Blake Mullens. The track was Mastered by Isaiah Prather.

“Colors” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Xeila combines the aesthetics of the dark and paranormal with the style of modern alt pop genres to create a haunting yet energetic world within their music. Xeila, formed by Ross Rocco, was a project in creation since early or mid 2020. It was heavily inspired by the artist PVRIS, wanting to follow in the footsteps of other bands and artists similar that would creatively blend electronic and rock elements into one song or album. 

With Xeila’s first release of the song “Lifeless”, the song starts off this story of a character who died and woke up in the afterlife, only to fight their way back to the real world again. With newly discovering his place in the LGBTQ community, Ross often writes about feeling different from society and trying to re-discover himself in this new era of his life. A lot of these topics are found in the songwriting and storytelling of Xeila, usually symbolized heavily through paranormal and science fiction imagery. 

Xeila Is:

Ross Rocco – Vocals and Production

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Press Contact:

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BETTER PLANS Debuts With Punk Anthem “Flashpass (To Six Flags, High)”

Vital Stats:

Artist: Better Plans   
Flashpass (To six flags, high)       
Poppunk, Punkrock, Alternative rock     
Suggested For Fans Of: Blink 182, Green Day, Good Charlotte

Boston punk band Better Plans has released its debut single, the skate punk anthem “Flashpass (To Six Flags, High)”. The track is a throwback pop punk song perfect for fans of Blink -182, Green Day, and Good Charlotte. 

Better Plans recorded the single in Kennedy studios, where they have a rehearsal space. “We were actually really surprised how well the recording process went, recorded everything for the song in about 5 hours, drums, guitar, vocals, bass,” says the band. “I feel the experience of recording for the first time really brought us together more as a band and listening to our mix when it was all done was incredible!”

The song was a labor of love for the band, that really took its time to form. “It’s funny cause this song literally started out as just a jam with no structure but we just kept playing it every week and the more we played it the more we realized we should make this a song,” explains the band. “I feel your best writing material comes from just jamming with your band, this song is definitely special to us not only because it’s the first song we ever laid down but because we wrote in such a fun memorable way. It just felt so natural with this one and we had a lot of fun writing it together!”

“Flashpass (To Six Flags, High)” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now!

Artist Bio: We are a pop punk band called Better Plans out of Boston, Massachusetts, formed by drummer Robert Leveille Jr and vocalist/guitarist Ryan Farrell. We started out as a jam 2 piece project but we ventured out to find our bassist Elchin Suleymanov, who is part of the band now. We all have a love for pop punk culture and the sound of the music itself. It’s a fun genre to be part of. Happy to say we have been going strong now for over a year with our first single fully recorded and more to come as far as music goes.

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College Radio Apologizes For Their Actions On “I’m Sorry”

Vital Stats:
Artist: College Radio   
“I’m Sorry” (Single)    
Release Date:  
Pop Punk     
Suggested For Fans Of: Blink 182, Green Day, NOFX

Seattle’s College Radio is back again with their latest single, “I’m Sorry”. The track is an ultra-catchy mid-tempo pop punk banger perfect for fans of modern alternative music. About the single, the band says “ I’m Sorry is about me trying to explain, justify, and apologize for simply existing. It’s about being incredibly uncomfortable in your own skin, and wanting to disappear. Fun, right?”

The single is the final single from their album Nothing Ever Changes It Only Gets Worse, which is out now. It follows the singles “11:59” and “Better Days” Along with the single, College Radio has released a video for “I’m Sorry”. The video, directed by Brian Roosen, sees the band taking a lesson in cleaning up and fitting in. “I’m Sorry” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Seattle’s premier pop-punk act College Radio blends classic 90’s punk with modern pop and indie sensibilities to create something simultaneously familiar, but also fresh and original. They’ve graced stages up and down the west coast with their wild stage shows and soaring harmonies, and with the release of their Album Nothing Ever Changes It Only Gets Worse, 2022 is looking to be their biggest year yet.

College Radio Is:
Gordon – Vocals/Guitar
Evan – Vocals/Bass
Mike – Drums
Melvin – Guitar/Vocals

Connect With College Radio:

LinkTree / Bandcamp / Hypefollow


Press Contact:
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Dearly Departed Releases New Album

Fargo, ND active rock band Dearly Departed has released their new album, Heartless on DI Records. The band has previously released the singles “Hindsight” and “Quiet Echoes” as part of the album rollout.

Of the lead single “Hindsight”, Dearly Departed says the track is a song of regrets. “It’s really about how you wish you could have done things differently, how you wished you hadn’t taken some things for granted, and also how you wished that everything had just worked out. But all you can do is work with what turned out to be and move on.” 

The band returned in July of 2022 with the second single “Quiet Echoes”“The message of Quiet Echoes is from the standpoint of listening to the doubts about yourself. To put it simply it’s about the negative internal monologue that we think to ourselves. The chorus is a call and answer, where I am asking the listener if they feel/hear the same thing I do at times. It’s definitely not a very happy song albeit the solace comes in the form of not being alone in these thoughts, that many others experience the same thing and that brings about a sense of unity.” 

he album was produced and mixed by Jeremy Schaffer (Earth Groans, Through Fire) and Joshua Barber (Norma Jean, The Devil Wears Prada) and will be out on DI Records on Oct 14th. The band is managed and mentored by Paul Olsen, formerly of North Dakota favorites The Suite“Quiet Echoes” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen now on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below.

Dearly Departed is a midwest active rock/metalcore band who aims to release songs all the way from melodic hard rock with catchy vocal melodies that’ll get stuck in your head to crushing metalcore with intense story and internal conflict that’s still appealing to the average listener. Doing nothing half-ass, the Minnesota quintet that makes up Dearly Departed, brings an intense live show, crowd pleasing riffs, and relatable vocals; who’ve supported industry heavy-hitters such as Beartooth, Wage War, Stitched Up Heart, Saving Abel, and more.

In their region, they have established themselves as one of the best up and coming hard rock acts, drawing hundreds of people in their local market along with interest and radio play on clear channel radio Q105.1 in Fargo, ND and 93X in Minneapolis, MN almost immediately after their debut in 2018. 

Dearly Departed is celebrating the release of its album with Cold Kingdom, Ashfall, and Stovepipes on October 15th at TAK Music Venue in Dilworth, MN.

Dearly Departed Is:
Jesse Pabody – Vocals
Deven Jason – Guitar/Production 
Alex Nikolas – Guitar 
Hunter Bring – Bass 
Jordan Rasmussen – Drums

Connect With Dearly Departed:

Press Contact:
Heart Riot Agency – Publicist: Lance Waste

Deathcore Act Grasping At The Shadow Releases Punishing “Shards Of Glass”

Vital Stats:
Artist: Grasping at the Shadow   
 “Shards Of Glass”   
Release Date:  
Suggested For Fans Of: Filth, Humanity’s Last Breath, Distant

Bradenton, Florida deathcore band Grasping At The Shadow has released its newest single, “Shards of Glass”. The track is brutal from the outset, with a deliberate half-time riff performed over Violinist Kimberly Hovencamp’s simple yet effective melody giving way to double-time blast beats and crunching riffs from guitarist Daniel Avalle and bassist Margaret Applegate, serving as the perfect bed for vocalist Jordan Hanley’s throat-shredding delivery.

Speaking on the song, the band said “This single represents a fundamental shift in your music writing. This song is meant to be given meaning by the listener, to invoke an image or scene in their mind unique to them.

This single will be on the band’s upcoming EP, which is currently in the writing and production phase. The band plans to follow up this release with further singles to continue the EP rollout before announcing a release date. The track was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings. Along with the single, the band has released a music video, directed, shot, and edited by Toddi Babu.

“Shards Of Glass” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Anger, sorrow, and pain personified was the goal when creating Grasping At The Shadow. Consisting of vocalist Jordan Hanley, violinist Kimberly Hovencamp, bassist Margaret Applegate, and guitarist Daniel Avalle, the band strives to create a unique brand of Deathcore by incorporating violin layered in with death metal riffs and brutal breakdowns. With this unique mixture, Grasping At The Shadow is a heavy, eerie, sight to be seen. 

Formed in 2011 by Daniel Avalle and Kimberly Hovencamp, Grasping At The Shadow has played with Lorna Shore, Rings of Saturn, Hate Eternal, Decapitated, The Browning, and many other national touring acts. After releasing their debut EP Nothing After Death, the band took a brief hiatus before reforming in 2022. Of their hiatus and reformation, the band says “Taking a break was not an easy decision to make but the request from fans the world over for more music could not be ignored. So in this era, we set out to create the angriest, most pissed off music we could.

Going forward, the band plans to release more material as singles, filled by a brand new EP, and eventually a full-length album. They are also aiming to transition to becoming a touring act and engage with fans outside of their home state.

If you’re looking for a unique approach to Deathcore or a band similar to Filth, Humanity’s Last Breath, or Distant, look no further than Grasping At The Shadow!

Grasping The Shadow Is:
Jordan Hanley – Vocals
Kimberly Hovencamp – Violin
Margaret Applegate – Bass
Daniel Avalle – Guitar

Connect With Grasping The Shadow:

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Spotify


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OCNA Releases Cinematic Indie Pop Single “Less Luminous”

Vital Stats:
Artist: Ocna    
Less Luminous (Single)    
Release Date:
Indie Rock   
Suggested For Fans Of: Beach House, Cocteau Twins, Bat For Lashes

(10.14.22) Brighton, England indie rock band Ocna has released its newest single, “Less Luminous”. Sonically, the track is a radio-ready, darkly lush indie pop-rock track with dense layers that serve as a bed for singer Fiona Robertson’s sultry vocals.

About the track, the band says “We adore the introspective sounds of Jacques Brel, Scott Walker, and chanson. Our music has always had a dark, moody side but with Less Luminous we wanted to let those influences shine through and go full-on noir with a massive, climactic ending and lyrics about a tortured, overdue but impossible break-up. The orchestration, with synthesized strings and horns, has a smoky vibe and sounds lush … considering it was produced in a shed, with guitars, keyboards, and plug-ins, we reckon it’s pretty epic.”

The track was written by guitarist/bassist Dale Hudson. Along with the single, Ocna has released a video for “Less Luminous”. The video was directed by Katy Clarkson and, according to the band, represents “different entities vibrantly blending together to make something seamless, bright, and new, then slowly going into reverse, breaking apart, and eventually fading.“Less Luminous” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

British/Swedish four-piece Ocna combine electronica with chiming guitars and spiraling synths to create powerful indie rock that’s uplifting, epic, and at times, ambient.  Formed in 2019 in the English coastal city of Brighton, the band consists of Fiona Robertson (vocals), Karl Nilsson (electronics, programming, guitar, lap steel), Matt Burns (drums), and Dale Hudson (guitar, bass, synths).

The members of Ocna like music that creates its own world, immersing the listener in sound that reflects joy, sadness, and a sense of ease, or uneasiness. The band has influences ranging from contemporary musicians such as School of Seven Bells, Beach House, and Big Thief to classic acts including Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, and Scott Walker.

Ocna Is:
Fiona Robertson – Vocals
Karl Nilsson – Keyboards, Production and Programming
Dale Hudson – Guitars and Bass
Matt Burns – Drums

Connect With Ocna:

Instagram / Facebook / Spotify / Website


Press Contact:
Lance Waste for Heart Riot


Italy’s VERSE, CHORUS, INEFERNO Covers Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”

Vital Stats:

Artist: Verse, Chorus, Inferno    
Dreams (Single)     
Release Date:
Punk Rock     
Suggested For Fans Of: Alkaline Trio, Bouncing Souls, MxPx

Como, Italy’s Verse, Chorus, Inferno has released their newest single, a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s seminal track “Dreams”. The straight-ahead punk rock track blends the band’s signature style seamlessly with the classic song and features guest vocals from Sandro Forty Winks. “It’s a great classic song, with a very simple structure but killer melodies,” says the band. “We wanted to record a song with our friend Sandro for a while, and we felt this one was a great opportunity. We think the song sounds great, simple, and powerful.”

“Dreams” is the second single from their upcoming album, due out October 28th. It follows the lead single “Fast Times in Den Haag” and will be followed by the final single “The Ballad Of Bill Gates”.

“Dreams” was mixed and mastered by Chris Fogal at Black in Bluhm Studios – Swiss Branch and is being released by Engineer Records (UK), Eternalis Records (FR), Pasidaryk Pats Records (LT), and High End Denim Records (CAN). Along with the track, Verse, Chorus, Inferno has released a music video for “Dreams”. Directed by Alvise Guadagnino, with Video Post Production by Max Finotti , the band focused on making a fun video. “The Doggface meme brought the spotlight back on this track last year, and we played a little with it in the video. We had great fun shooting it, we hope it’s gonna be equally fun to watch.”

“Dreams” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Verse, Chorus, Inferno is a punk rock band from Como, Italy. The band started in 2007 as an “all star band” (with members from Staly Fish, Pankina and INhead) to fill in a tour that had been booked for another band. They played 10 gigs between Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and had so much fun, they decided to be a permanent band.

The band continued for a few years before drifting apart in 2010, when the members moved to different cities, got jobs, kids, and life took them on different paths…until 2020.

During lockdown, the band began working on new music and recorded their first full-length album. The band self-recorded the album at their home and rehearsal space. The new record will be released next fall by Engineer Records on digital platforms + a limited edition LP (300 copies).

Verse, Chorus, Inferno is following the release of the album with select shows through the end of the year.

OCT 28 – Bodenmais (DE) at Rote Res with T-Rex Squad
NOV 12 – Release party in Como (IT) at Joshua Blues with Labradors
NOV 18 – Release party in Mezzago (IT) at Bloom with SNUFF
DEC 16 – Lyon (FR) 
DEC 17 – Tours (FR) at Le Grand Cagibi with Breaking Tag 

Verse, Chorus, Inferno  Is:
“Cuc” – Gabriele Cucinella (Guitar, vocals)
“Cima” – Mattia Cimadoro (Guitar, vocals)
“Willy” – William Tessaro (Drums)
“Bolo” – Luca Bologna (Bass)

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Press Contact:
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Half Dizzy Releases Single, Announces Album

Vital Stats:
Artist: Half Dizzy   
Never Been Happier     
Release Date:
Punk Rock     
Suggested For Fans Of: Strike Anywhere. The Bombpops. Millencolin

(Long Island, NY 10/7/22) – Long Island, NY punk act Half Dizzy has released their newest single, “Never Been Happier”. The track is their second single since being signed by Punkerton Records and precedes their upcoming 8-song EP titled Courtacy Flush (October 21st). It follows the lead single “Broken Down”, which was released on Sept 23rd.

Thematically, “Never Been Happier” is about getting out of a toxic relationship, and knowing you’ll be better alone than with someone who takes advantage of you. “We can feel trapped in a relationship and become complacent and comfortable because sometimes it feels better to be with someone than be alone,” says the band. “But if we push ourselves to get out of that relationship we’ll actually be better because of it. Sometimes we confuse being used for being loved, and those 2 are VERY different things.” 

Along with the single, Half Dizzy has dropped a video for “Never Been Happier”. In a juxtaposition to the song, the band decided to release a less serious video. “We as a band know the importance of being serious when we need to be, but we also understand that humor and comedy are ways of working through trauma and stressful situations,” explains the band. “We love to fool around and lighten the mood with comedy, which is what this video is about. The message is very important and serious, but it’s delivered in a comedic way to help lighten the blow of what this song says.”

In true punk DIY fashion, the video was self-shot and edited by the band. “We watched a few videography tutorials on youtube, got ourselves a camera, and went to town. We love the DIY mentality and love to do whatever we can ourselves. The video  and song are fun and colorful while the lyrics are more serious and self-empowering.”

“Never Been Happier” was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Matt Murphy and is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the video on YouTube below.

Half Dizzy is a Melodic Punk Rock band hailing from Long Island New York. They blend hard fast rhythms with technical melodies and harmonies to make a unique and aggressive punk sound. The band is made up of Dizzy Doll on vocals, Dan on guitar and vocals, Mitchell on guitar, Nick on drums, and Brett on bass. Dizzy has a unique and aggressive voice that compliments the band to create a one-of-a-kind melodic sound.

Catch Half Dizzy on October 22nd at Punk Rock BBQ at Ubergeek Brewing in Riverhead, NY.

Half Dizzy Is:
Dizzy Doll- vocals
Dan- guitar/vocals
Mitchel- guitar
Brett- bass
Nick- drums

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Lance Waste for Heart Riot

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