Get Hyped provides a wide range of PR, Marketing, and Promo services! Below is our current Services Sheet for 2023. Underneath our services is a detailed breakdown of each service, followed by a FAQ section.

Interested in working with us? Email ! We love to talk shop and are happy to answer any questions.

About Get Hyped:

Get Hyped is a music PR, Marketing, and Media company based in Cleveland, OH. Founded in 2015 by publicist Lance Waste, Get Hyped caters to indie artists, labels, and managers looking for successful campaigns on limited budgets. Get Hyped creates unique campaigns for singles, music videos, ep, albums, tours, or any other milestone event you would like the world to know about!


We accept payment via Paypal ( or, Cashapp ($gethypedcash) and Venmo (@gethypedcash). Once we have payment submitted, we can get to work! Contact us for details!


We create a press release about your newsworthy event (single release, album release, music video, label signing, new members, tour, etc) and send it as an email blast to almost 1,000 magazines, blogs, websites, and writers. We also send personalized emails to writers that work with your genre of music and follow up with them for three weeks.

We follow up with you weekly via email to show you campaign progress and provide you with press outlet names and links for each feature we have landed. On average, our clients are featured on around 10 outlets, including at least 1 interview and 1 review.

On top of this, we also post a blog article, based on the press release we create for you, on our website with links and embeds to Spotify and Youtube. All articles posted on our blog are shared to all of our social media pages! 


Get Hyped has a network of over 500 Spotify playlists curated mostly by our friends in the music industry. We create a pitch tailored to your single, pitch your music to our genre-specific curators, and follow up with them for up to three weeks. In 2022, the average Spotify playlist our clients were placed on had over 1,000 active followers.

We send weekly update emails, providing you with info on each playlist you have been placed on. Most campaigns run approx 3 weeks, but we don’t stop until you have been placed on at least 20 playlists. Most of our artists are placed on 30+ playlists.

We also post a blog article about your single on our website with links and embeds to your social media and Spotify single. All articles posted on our blog are shared to our social media pages! 


We post a feature on our website and share it on our Facebook and Instagram. We also feature your track on one of our daily TikTok new music recommendation videos and share that on our Instagram. We play your song on our radio show, The Weekly Hype, which is simulcast on iHeartRadio as well as our Twitch Stream and our YouTube Channel.

Finally, your song is placed near the top of two of our Spotify playlists, including our popular Get Hyped flagship playlist.

Combining #1 and #2, saving you $50.

5. THE BIG HYPE – $500
Combining #1,#2 and #3, saving you $100.

6. PUBLICIST ON RETAINER – See Pricing Below

Add us to your team!

List us as your press contact for all PR Inquiries. You also receive 1 press campaign, 1 Spotify playlist campaign and 1 Get Hyped features campaign per quarter, plus 50% off any additional uses of those three campaigns,  and 15% off any other PR or Design Service! You are also automatically plugged into any opportunities we receive (radio adds, playlists, feature opportunities etc). 

3 months – $600
6 months – $1,000
Year – $1,750 


We work with you to craft a compelling long-form bio with short-form and elevator pitch options. Perfect for anything from an EPK and website, to social media Spotify bio sections!


We work with one of our many press contacts to land an interview about your upcoming release. Contact us for more details.

Music Review

We work with one of our many press contacts to land a review for your single, ep or album.

Single – $25
Album – $40

Consultation Call – $35

Have specific questions that require a phone call? No problem at all. You can now book a 1 on 1 phone consultation with publicist Lance Waste.

EPK Design – $50 per page

We design an Electronic Press Kit, featuring your bio, press photos, music, and links to all of your social media and assets.

Album Art Design – $50 per page

We design an album/single cover with your aesthetic and genre in mind.

Flyer Design – $40

We design a flyer for your tour or event with your aesthetic and genre in mind.

Social Media Design Package – $75

We use your design assets to create an assets fold with images that will fit all social media headers, banners, and avatars. Perfect for uniformity across all platforms!


  1. Who is Get Hyped?

    Hi! We are a full-time PR and marketing agency that specializes in indie music of various genres. The team currently consists of four people and is led by me, publicist Lance Waste. We’ve been around since 2015. I ran an artist management firm from 2008-2015 and owned an indie record label from 2003-2008. I was also the singer in a band called Darling Waste who played 900 shows in 11 countries while diy releasing 7 albums.
  2. How does Spotify playlisting work?

    I create a short pitch for your song and pitch it to my friends and connections who are indie curators. A lot of times curators are other publicists, artist managers, musicians, people who work at labels, writers for publications, and other music industry people. Through our established connections, I show them your music and ask them to place it on an appropriate playlist.

  3. Will my Spotify plays go up from playlisting?

    Sure it will. Results will vary wildly. And I do mean wildly. It largely depends on which playlists you land on and how busy those playlists are at the moment. We’ve had clients get over 5,000 plays from a single playlist and we’ve had clients who didn’t break 1,000 plays when they were placed on over 20 playlists. Playlists do not automatically equal a ton of plays. But they do help get your song in front of real first-time listeners. If the song is good, it could convert them into new fans.

    If you are strictly looking for numbers, I would suggest pairing a playlisting campaign with targeted marketing toward your song. We do that as well and would be happy to cut you a deal on both!
  4. Which Spotify playlists and/or press outlets will I be featured on?

    Again, this varies. A lot of it depends on genre, quality of the single, how large of a fan base the artist has, and things like that. It also depends on how busy the outlet is that week or if they have a writer who is into your “For Fans Of” etc. We pitch to all appropriate playlists and press for placements.
  5. How long until I see results?

    It usually takes us about a week to get the press release put together and sent out. If we have started our campaign BEFORE the single is released, you will start seeing results on release day. If not, typically you start seeing results within a week.
  6. How long does a campaign run?

This varies depending on the size of the campaign we are doing. Most press and playlist campaigns run for approx 3-4 weeks.

8. Will my campaign be U.S. only or will it be global?

Most of our contacts are in the U.S. and UK. We have worked with outlets in other parts of the world using Google Translate, and have recently run a couple of successful campaigns in Ukraine.

9. How much lead time do you need?

For Spotify placement campaigns we need 1-2 weeks lead time. For press campaigns, we need at least twp weeks of lead time if possible. Contacting us to see how many clients we have at the time of your release is always a good idea though so we can all make sure we are on the same page and roll your project out correctly.

10. How do I hire/pay you?

Once we’ve agreed to work together, we accept payment via Paypal ( or, Cashapp ($heartriot), and Venmo (@heartriot). Once we have payment submitted and the New Artist Form completed, we can get to work!

11. Are your services refundable or transferable?

Once we’ve agreed to work with you and money is sent in, you are securing that release date on our schedule. We only allow up to 4 releases per week so space is very limited. We understand things happen and will try to work with you. We offer refunds for the first 48 hours, minus any fees we occurred while transferring payment, as long as the campaign start date is further than two weeks out. We understand things happen with releases and will do our best to work with you if your release gets pushed back. Our dates are first come first serve, so if the new date is already full, we may have to push the release back a little further on our end.

If in a rare occurrence, we can’t our services for any reason, we will offer a full refund. Thankfully, this has not happened yet and we don’t plan on it happening in the future.

12. Wait, I have more questions!?!?!

Awesome! Shoot us an email:

Get Hyped has worked with a diverse group of artists from multiple genres including Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Yellowcard, Bounty Killer, Emarosa, mc chris, Sean Kingston, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kyle Bielfield, Tina Karol, Narrowcast, Sophia Anello, Dreameater and hundreds more! We’ve landed press with Spin, Alternative Press, New Fury, Hype Machine, Digital High Blog, Stormbringer, Punktastic, Music Crowns, Music Existence, and many many more!

Get Hyoed also acts as music influencer via our iHeart Radio distributed new music radio show “The Weekly Hype!”, which simulcasts on Twitch and YouTube, our daily music recommendations on TikTok, and our Get Hyped playlists on Spotify!

We love to talk shop! Email us anytime!


Service Details

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